Specializing in Anxiety, Depression, Life Changes, Confidence, Self-Esteem, & Relationships 

Mind Over Matters offers boutique therapy services in a private, client confidential, comfortable setting. Evening, weekend, and on-line video counseling available.

     I utilize positively focused cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). I work together with individuals who desire positive change. I primarily focus on helping you create and attain contentment, fulfillment, success, freedom, and peace. The tools of CBT allow individuals to more regularly experience positive emotional states, such as gratitude and confidence, because they help individuals focus their efforts on creating beneficial cognitive patterns.



Therapy sessions can help with the following:

  • I feel Stuck

  • My Thoughts hold me back

  • I want to reach my Potential

  • I want to feel Fulfilled

  • I want to Worry less

  • I want to develop Confidence

  • I want to Improve my ability to Make Decisions

  • I am facing big Changes

  • I am frustrated with my Career

  • I am struggling with Depression

  • I want to learn to manage my Anxiety

  • I want to cope better with Stress

  • I want to better manage my Anger

  • I am stressed about Finances

  • I want to become more Independent

  • I want to improve my Relationships

  • I want to improve Intimacy

  • We want help enhancing our Marriage

  • We want Pre-Marital Counseling

  • I want to better manage Postpartum Depression/Anxiety

  • I am challenged with Parenting

  • I am worried about my Child's Behavior

  • Separation is stressful

  • I am overwhelmed with my Divorce

  • We want to Co-Parent effectively

  • I want to increase Healthy Eating Habits

  • I want to live a Healthy Lifestyle

  • I want help navigating my Grief

  • I have difficulty controlling my Obsessive Thoughts, Urges, and Compulsive Behaviors.

  • I am worried about a family member's Drinking and/or Substance Use

We offer the following Services:

  • Concierge Counseling and Psychotherapy

  • Evening Appointments

  • Weekend Appointments

  • On-Line Video Counseling (meeting by using secure, easy to use video platform from computer, phone, or tablet)

  • Relaxed, Private, Secure Setting

  • Individual Sessions

  • Family Sessions

  • Couple's Sessions

  • Group Sessions

  • Phone Counseling

  • Email Counseling

  • Relationship-Building Workshops

  • Mediation

  • Facilitation

  • Parent Coaching

  • Career Assessment

  • Collaboration with School and Medical Systems

  • Student Advocacy

Service Rates:

  • Initial Evaluation (75 minutes)= $275

  • Individual Session (30 minutes)=$90

  • Individual Session (60 minutes)=$175

  • Couple's Session (60 minute)=$215

  • Family Session (60 minutes)=$215

  • Crisis Session (60 minutes)=$250

  • Group (60 minutes)=$100

  • On-Line (30 minutes)=$90

  • On-Line (60 minutes)=$175

  • Concierge Services= Inquire for Monthly Plan

  • Retainer Fees= Inquire

    *Student Discount (K-12, undergraduate, graduate, etc.)

Methods of Payment:

  • We accept Cash.

  • We accept personal checks.

  • We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, Paypal, & Health Savings Cards.

Getting the most out of therapy:
•      Approach therapy as a partnership- Therapy is the most effective when you work together to identify challenges, set goals, and monitor progress.
•      Be open and honest- Success depends on your willingness to be open and honest with sharing your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.
•      Keep your appointments- Missing appointments disrupts progress.

•      Don’t expect instant results- Working on emotional challenges can be especially challenging initially and requires work. It may take several sessions before you begin to see improvement.

•      Do your homework- Review what you learn in between sessions and practice new ways of thinking.