Rebecca Edwards








I have been providing counseling for over 20 years. I work with children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families with a variety of challenges. I have worked with clients across settings including K-12 schools, private practice, mental health agency, out-patient clinic, and in-patient hospital. I am trained in cognitive-behavioral therapy, behavioral modification, solution-focused therapy, brief therapy, etc. I take a solution-focused approach in determining needs of clients and engage in problem solving to improve wellness. I believe that thoughts play an important part in how we perceive ourselves, others, and our environment. I aim to strengthen our Minds (and our Bodies) in order to promote wellness of self and family.

I was born in the Middle East and grew up in North Carolina. I traveled a lot growing up and believe that my exposure to cultures and peoples influenced my ability to develop a rapport easily and understand a wide range of backgrounds, cultures, lifestyles, challenges and hardships. I believe these experiences in my early life paved the path for my desire to understand, problem-solve, and facilitate positive change.