I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the changes I see in myself and my family through our work with Rebecca Edwards. We were fortunate to discover her during a rough patch in some behavior with one of our children. She worked with both of us parents in a caring way to help give us the tools to use at home to address these issues. She also worked with our children to help resolve the anger and issues they were having in dealing with the situation. I highly recommend Rebecca as a counselor. It is a delight to sit in her inviting office. She is a wonderful listener with the ability to to offer incredible insights into issues. I also felt very comfortable leaving my children in her care so that they could have a private session with her which was extremely effective.
— Anonymous
I struggled with going away to a large university. I am so thankful for the support I needed to help me navigate all the changes and challenges. Thank you!
— E. S.
Thanks so much for all your help! My test anxiety was paralyzing and I needed help reducing and managing my anxiety before taking my board exams. I was relaxed before and during the exam. I definitely kept my anxiety down this time weeks before and during the test. Thanks for working with me in order to better control my thoughts. I passed!
— Anonymous
My husband and I grew apart while we were raising our children. We focused on them and now they are gone. Rebecca helped us learn to reconnect and enjoy our relationship again. Thank you.
— Anonymous
I was overwhelmed with life’s challenges and I needed help making healthy decisions to improve my professional and personal lives. I have learned to think clearly, prioritize all the things in my life, and live intentionally. I am so grateful.
— M. A.

"For the first time in my life I feel comfortable talking with someone about the struggles I face every day. You are helping me through a very difficult time!! Thank you so much!!" -Anonymous 

Thank you! I knew I needed and wanted to make changes but I didn’t know how to. I feel less stressed and more present for the people I love.
— Anonymous



I have alway’s worried and obsessed about so many things. I have always been preoccupied with what I have done wrong or how I could do better. I could not let things go. I would continue to think about things and have resentment for a long time or forever. My parents, my friends, and my boyfriend did not understand why I worried and felt badly about myself most of the time. I didn’t understand either. I am so thankful to learn about my unhealthy thoughts and anxiety. I have hope now that I know what causes me to think this way and I am learning to control my thoughts better. I feel better and know I will keep making progress as I get better at controlling my thoughts and behaviors.
— K.T.
For most of my life I had suffered from anxiety and panic attacks, and I had been pretty open about it. What I wasn’t as open about was my compulsive thoughts. I thought it was normal. I am glad to know now that normal doesn’t have to mean suffering. The combination of anxiety and compulsive thoughts became unmanageable and lead me to a very bad place. But that bad place became a beacon of light for the rest of my life. I had always been stubborn about reaching out for help. Unfortunately pride sometimes gets in the way of doing what we need to do to get better. Finally, after years of trying to fix myself, I found the courage to drop my pride and get help.
There’s good news for people like me who struggle with anxiety, depression, or compulsive thought patterns. With the combination of medicine and great therapist like Rebecca, you can choose happiness over despair. It takes work. It takes some dedication. After 2 months of treatment, my life is so much different today. No more ridiculous negative thoughts relentlessly tormenting me. My anxiety is much less of a factor. Family, friends, and co workers constantly give me unsolicited compliments on my attitude change and positive outlook. There is a sense of me being present with them instead of being preoccupied with so many things as I always was before. The change has touched every part of my life. After decades of suffering, I couldn’t be happier. Instead of being happy for maybe an hour or 2 each week, I now string together consecutive days of happiness.
Life will bring challenges, stress, and anxiety. That’s life! But now I have the tools and help to better deal with those triggers. The only thing I regret is waiting
so long to seek help.
— Anonymous